What is GrowGain?

GrowGain™ is a hair and scalp conditioner made exclusively to

  prevent and stop hair loss due to male pattern baldness

 promote hair re-growth.

GG Jar4 AGrowGain is unique because it addresses all three areas of hair re-growth in just one step:

  1. encouraging a healthy scalp
  2. stimulating hair follicles
  3. maintaining healthy hair

1.  The health of your hair starts with the condition of hair follicles in your scalp. Hair loss occurs when these follicles for whatever reason are unhealthy. Hair re-growth is virtually impossible if the scalp is not healthy. GrowGain’s uses tried-and-true herbal extracts and natural oils to soothe, moisturize and stimulate the scalp.

2.  The GrowGain hair conditioner includes the first clinically proven hair re-growth and loss prevention ingredient, minoxidilMinoxidil has been shown to relax and dilate blood vessels, which can reinvigorate hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth.

3.  GrowGain’s combination of herbal extracts and natural oils improve the hair shaft of all existing hairs, normal and those in the re-growth phase. This combination helps to make hair stronger and more supple as well as adding luster for hair that looks and is healthy.

How GrowGain Can Help You

guy_smiling2Easy to Use Everyday

For minoxidil to be effective, it must be used each day, every day. If you are already in the habit of oiling and styling your hair everyday, you can now treat it for hair loss at the same time without an extra step. GrowGain makes it very easy for you to treat your hair loss before it becomes noticeable.

No Waste

Minoxidil in its liquid format is rather thin. Many men find it pours right off the head while trying to administer it. GrowGain is a pomade that stays on the hair and scalp―allowing the minoxidil to stay on your head and take effect on your hair follicles. In addition, the GrowGain oil on your hair works its way down the hair shaft to your scalp to ensure you are getting the maximum effect of minoxidil. 

For Use At First Sign of Thinning

It best to combat hair loss at the first sign of thinning. GrowGain can be applied everyday to promote overall hair growth as well as to prevent hair loss.

How To Use GrowGain

▫  Work a dab through your scalp and hair once a day to combat hair loss and give your hair luster.

For maximum hair re-growth and hair loss prevention, GrowGain should be used every day. GrowGain will maintain scalp health and stimulation as well as continually apply minoxidil which requires daily application for best results.

There is no way to predict how successful you will be with GrowGain. GrowGain will not re-grow or prevent hair loss which may occur from medications, nutritional problems, or from underlying medical problems.

Because GrowGain is medicated with minoxidil, it is intended for adults only. Only adult 18 years of age and older may use minoxidil without a prescription. 

GrowGain not only re-grows hair, but regular use of GrowGain may also prevent hair loss from occurring. 

GrowGain will not work for everyone. Click here to see more important information about minoxidil, the active ingredient in GrowGain, how it works and whether or not it’s for you. 

How to Get GrowGain

GrowGain is a unique product available only from the GrowGain Co. We stand by our effective, quality product with 4 years of development and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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